Is Shirley on the hot search again because she doesn't wear underwear?…

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Original title: Shirley is on the hot search again because she doesn't wear underwear? But I got her back this time! La-la-la! Hello, your Fan Fan is online again! Have you noticed that just the day before yesterday, Shirley came again and again with her hot search (as expected, she is a woman who can be on the hot search every year), and this time the topic is her response to why she doesn't wear underwear. In fact, it is not a matter of a day or two for Shirley to go out without wearing underwear, mainly because she herself is also very keen to post pictures on social networking sites. Expand the full text However, for such a behavior of not wearing underwear, many Chinese and Korean netizens have been strongly condemning and even abusing Shirley, and their words are extremely sharp. However, Shirley finally made a response on a program in South Korea. She said it was purely because it was really comfortable not to wear underwear (sisters should feel the same way), but also believed that wearing underwear in the wrong way and the underwire inside could endanger the safety of the body. I have to say, what Shirley said is reasonable, and I am thinking that what she did is what many sisters (I also raised my hand) want to follow in their hearts!!! After all, in this summer with an average temperature of 38 degrees Celsius per day, it is really a great torture for sisters to wear thick underwear. No matter how cool you wear on the outside, you are still sweating on the inside. How about steamed buns stuffed with human meat? ? The most terrible thing is not only hot, but also tight, especially some fairies, in order to make the chest appear bigger, a little more plump, must wear a small bra, the chest is squeezed stiffly, but this will cause breast ischemia, spasm, causing breast disease. And scientific research also shows that 80% of girls get sick from wearing bras incorrectly, especially if they wear too tight bras for more than 12 hours a day, the risk of breast cancer is more than 20 times higher, and 100 times higher if they sleep at night! Fried chicken is really terrible! That's what I said, but as an ordinary person, it's not realistic to go out without underwear, especially when the clothes are thin in summer, and if they are not careful to bulge, I can't afford the embarrassment of confirming my eyes. So is there any ultra-thin, cool, comfortable and healthy underwear? Today, Fan Fan will introduce to you a Japanese ice silk nude bra, ice silk fabric, cool but not ice, ultra-thin breathable, no underwire 0 bondage, wearing feels like not wearing,retractable tape measure sewing, can the cool summer be far behind? Ultra-thin ice silk fabric cooling 3 ℃ As a summer style bra, the first thing to consider is, of course, the breathability and moisture absorption of the bra, so as to ensure the comfort of wearing it. This Japanese ice silk nude bra, also known as an aerobic bra, because wearing it, your chest is always breathable all summer, breathing fresh air, just like an aerobic SPA, absolutely not stuffy sweat ~ The imported ice silk fabric, Fan Fan was completely conquered the moment he got it. I couldn't put it down just because of the silky feeling, and there was no discomfort on the skin. Most importantly, that kind of soft and silky touch,tailor measure tape, wearing a kind of naked running feeling in silk pajamas vacuum battle, is really cool ~ High-quality ice silk fabric, with strong thermal conductivity, fabric can cool while sweating, so that the actual temperature of the chest is lower than the external environment, so it can always maintain a refreshing feeling of wearing yo. Ice silk fabric with its own cool feeling, is absolutely the most cool summer wear essential! Fan Fan personally tested, although not cold, but this will wear about 3 degrees cooler than the ordinary bra, the chest seems to have its own small air conditioning in general, praise to no good. You think its only advantage is that it feels silky and smooth? No, its whole underwear is very light, weighing only 2 ounces, less than 57 grams, which is only as light as an egg. Especially the hollowed-out mesh design on the back, because there is only a thin layer of ice silk fabric, the hot air can directly penetrate the skin. If the ice silk nude bra and the ordinary bra back fabric are enlarged and compared, the ice silk nude bra on the left side is more refreshing and breathable. Its hygroscopicity is also very good, dripping on the fabric, can be quickly absorbed, sweat more can be quickly discharged, do not accumulate moisture.
Put on the cool and breathable Japanese ice silk nude bra, cool and cool for a whole summer. Mom no longer has to worry that I need to endure the hot and humid bra! Japanese ice silk nude bra Original price: 189 yuan Super low special price: 99 yuan/2 pieces! Buy one get one free Light and breathable, ice-like cooling Comfortable without underwire, free from bondage and sultry heat (Limited time offer, while stocks last! Little fairies, poke!) Breathable ice hole thin cup is not stuffy and not exposed Not only the surface ice silk fabric is breathable and cool, but also the removable breast pad is very light and breathable. It contains tens of thousands of breathable ice holes, which can dissipate heat and moisture at any time and anywhere. It is no exaggeration to say that even if a breeze blows, bra measuring tape ,large print tape measure, the chest can feel it. Fan Fan also did a ventilation test, put the coaster on the cup with hot water, you can see the rapid penetration of hot air, without any obstruction, is it visible to the naked eye. And I believe that sisters have experienced that many so-called ultra-thin underwear on the market actually wear a thick layer on the chest behind them, because their thickest parts are about 0.8-1 cm. But this ice silk nude bra has a 3D hand-hold five-finger cup as thin as 0.3cm, which is a real ultra-thin bra. Cut open the coaster, and you can also see that there is a high-quality and healthy white sponge inside, which is very fluffy and soft. There are tens of thousands of breathable holes in the sponge, through which the hot sweat is directly discharged and evaporated. The office girls who were pulled by Fan Fan to do the experience all said that they felt every pore of the chest was opened, and they didn't feel stuffy in the high temperature of more than 30 degrees in summer. When they came home after a day's work, their chest was still very dry, without a trace of sticky feeling, just pick it! Delicate and traceless cutting, 0 pressing and not tight Do the sisters have such distress? Will they be strangled by the bra every day? So the moment you go home and take off your underwear every day is really the feeling of freedom! But this ice silk nude bra uses a one-piece traceless design, 100% seamless, the whole body without a sewing line, no longer afraid of seam friction body ~ No underwire design (this is the key point, to test), underwire tight feeling byebye, protect the delicate skin is not afraid of it, is the type of underwear recommended by gynecologists next door. The elastic shoulder strap has been widened to help disperse the pressure on the shoulder, without slipping or pressing the shoulder. It is full of elasticity and perfectly fits the curve of the human body. There is no such thing as ligature marks. The fabric is also specially added with 38% high stretch spandex, so the whole underwear is very elastic, can be stretched to 2 times the length, 80-130 kg girls can easily wear it, not tight at all. Healthy white sponge coaster can be bent at will, automatically adapt to the chest shape, without pressure. Any girl with breasts can get ~ Japanese ice silk nude bra Original price: 189 yuan Super low special price: 99 yuan/2 pieces! Buy one get one free Light and breathable, ice-like cooling Comfortable without underwire, free from bondage and sultry heat (Limited time offer, while stocks last! Little fairies, poke!) 360 ° scientific gathering close-fitting anti-shake and anti-droop Somebody says: Small bosom need not wear bra, Fan Fan expresses strong protest! ! No matter how small the chest is, even if it is a cup or AA cup, there is the same shaking of the breast. There is a variety show in Japan, which has shown this very vividly. (Weight of A-cup, equivalent to 2 parrots) Especially when running, the shaking of the figure of eight hurts the chest every minute. (What's the matter with a little shame?) Plus the cloth material of the clothes, it is impossible to keep very soft and comfortable all the time. I don't need to say how much damage this kind of friction and shaking will do. In addition, not wearing underwear will aggravate the sagging of the chest. Underwear can tighten the spread or loose breasts, and its support helps to delay the sagging of the breasts. This Japanese ice silk nude bra is designed with 360 ° full containment, such as full cup, elastic shoulder strap and high side ratio. It liberates the breasts of sisters in a healthier way without underwire. It does not need rough squeezing, and the gathering effect can be great.
And it uses a detachable 3D hand-holding five-finger cup, which has a good shaping and lifting effect. Wearing it for a long time can effectively shape the chest shape and make the chest high and straight. Increase the side ratio to effectively close the accessory breast, increase the support force of the wide shoulder strap, gather the chest shape with the finger cup, add the points marked in the following figure, adjust and fix the chest fat to the correct position, and the small chest can also be healthy from A-B (here is the real heart )。 The points marked in the figure below are all designed with the principle of vacuum adsorption to prevent the cup from running, stabilize the fat position, and also close the accessory breast and say goodbye to the outward expansion and sagging. The benefits are not very much. Such a stable and skid-proof design can wrap the chest in all directions, even if it is a large-scale running exercise, the chest will not appear up and down shaking causing chest injury. Whether it's commuting, home, sleeping, sports or yoga, it can perfectly transform into the underwear role you want and protect your breasts anytime and anywhere. Isn't it great? Real Buyer Show Quality Witness This ice silk nude bra has four colors to choose from, light blue, pink full of girlish feeling, skin color, black classic and versatile, there is always one that is your favorite. Underwear as intimate clothing, not only the surface fabric and coaster lining is very important, the overall dyeing process is also the point we must pay attention to, so Fan Fan also carried out a washing test, you can see that underwear repeatedly rubbed in water does not fade. It uses the Japanese pure natural plant printing and dyeing process, the authoritative agency's test report shows that its color fastness is qualified, does not contain formaldehyde and carcinogenic dyes, no odor, mild and does not hurt the skin, so sisters can rest assured to wear it. The girls who have worn it all say it is comfortable! "The fabric is cool, and the thin style is very breathable." "Extremely comfortable and stress-free" "Not tight, not tight, full of elasticity" Real buyer show As a must-have item for girls in summer, Fan Fan really wants to call for its real name, who makes it comfortable and cool, so that you will no longer have the idea of vacuum battle! Japanese Ice Silk Nude Bra Original price: 189 yuan Super low special price: 99 yuan/2 pieces! Buy one, get one free Light and breathable, ice-like cooling Comfortable without underwire, free from bondage and sultry heat (Limited time offer, while stocks last! Little fairies, poke!) Some fairies can't find my small shop, just pull down WeChat, or "discover", "small program", "search small program" and "enough model" in WeChat,personalised tailor tape, you can find me! If you have any questions during the purchase process, you can contact the customer service, and they will patiently answer your questions. (Fan Fan Customized Group Purchase) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com


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