Seven-zero misplaced life

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And it's not just that there are many things, the key is that there are more things to worry about. Yuxiu didn't have to worry about anything before, but now she is always thinking about all kinds of things. There are a lot of things in mind, but can't they occupy a lot of her energy? Not to mention that sometimes it's easy for her to make mistakes, like forgetting to take in the clothes to dry, and the clothes can be frozen hard when she turns back. And the meal tickets were used up and not bought in time, so I missed the opening time of the boiling water room. Seven things to open the door, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, Yuxiu as a college student, in fact, the school has helped them lighten a lot of burden, otherwise the three meals a day can drive her to death. How can there be so many things? Yuxiu sighed with a bitter face. She really never knew that there were so many miscellaneous things in her daily life that she didn't have before. If you want to drink hot water, go directly to the thermos bottle, which is always filled with hot water; throw your dirty clothes in the basin, and they will become clean and soft when you turn around and put them on your bedside; when you arrive at the meal time, sit down at the table, hot food and hot dishes are on the table, bowls,gold cil machine, chopsticks and spoons are at hand, she is not picky about food, it doesn't matter what she eats, and when she finishes eating, she just gets up and leaves. "It's nothing. I was like that when I was a freshman." Hao Xinming said the truth, after all, when he was in high school, he lived a life of stretching out his hands to eat. It's just that he's a junior now, and he's practiced it anyway. Yuxiu listened,Portable gold trommel, and she also felt that this semester was much better than last semester. At least I don't lose things anymore, and I don't often don't know what to do next, including washing clothes, not to mention how clean they are, at least the speed must be faster than last semester. Suddenly, Yuxiu sighed heavily: "I know why my second sister didn't go to college." "Why?" "She has been helping her family since she was a child. How can she pass the exam when she is distracted?"? If I had to do these things when I was in high school, I don't think I would have been admitted to Beijing University. Yuxiu thought she was better at reading than Pandi, but objectively speaking, if she hadn't devoted herself to her study, her college entrance examination score would not have been so high. Even if she can finally be admitted to the university, it may not be Beijing University, after all, she almost came in from the tail of the crane. Hao Xinming was not interested in Yuxiu's sisters at all. After listening for a while, he mentioned something else. In my opinion, if you want to improve your grades, hard work alone is not necessarily useful, Carbon in Pulp ,tin beneficiation plant, and you have to find a good way. Which of your major subjects are you least good at? The evaluation of scholarships takes into account the overall situation. If one or two exams are particularly tragic, for example, if you have to make up or retake them, you will lose the qualification directly. Hao Xinming doesn't think Yuxiu will be bad in all aspects. Considering that she is from the countryside, it is likely to be a problem of educational resources, that is, she may never have touched some courses. English Yuxiu answered honestly, "My former head teacher suggested that I take the Foreign Language Department. She told me that what the country lacks most at this stage is translation talents.". I am from the countryside, I want to be assigned to a good unit after graduation in the future, with a good job and stable income, so that I can bring my grandmother to Beijing to live this morning. Hao Xinming nodded. He didn't think there was anything wrong with Yuxiu's answer. Although there are many people in their generation who rush to serve the motherland to take the university entrance examination, no one says that they can't think about themselves while serving the motherland, and the two are not in conflict. The country needs translation talents, which means that it will be easy to find a job in the foreign language department in the future. The Miao family has no background, and Yuxiu can only rely on herself in the future. Unfortunately, my score was not enough, and I was transferred to the major of Chinese as a foreign language. Yuxiu sighed softly when she said this. She had never heard of this major before she went to college. Later, however, she learned that this major is indeed inextricably linked with the Department of Foreign Languages. To be exact, graduates of this major can also be employed in domestic and foreign government departments or press, publishing and cultural management units, and belong to the senior talents of practical language teaching. That is to say, the English requirements of this major are also very high, far higher than the standard of Yuxiu High School.
To put it bluntly, in a word, it is not how long Yuxiu's English is, but the requirement of this major for foreign languages is extremely high. Of course, her original English is not very good, after all, is a township high school, teachers are limited. The most prominent problem is that her listening and speaking ability is simply terrible. Yuxiu said that her English was not good, but in fact it was not just an English course, but. I did well in the basic English exam, and I was the only one who was excellent in the courses related to English subjects. English writing and English translation are not good, as well as foreign literature and Western cultural etiquette, these subjects are not good. This semester will also add oral courses, and I heard that there will be a one-to-one situational dialogue test in the final exam. Yu Xiuguang wants to collapse, especially her professional courses are not only these, ah, there are other also need to work hard. It should be because your high school teacher is not good enough. Hao Xinming gave her a rough and simple conclusion, not to mention whether this conclusion is correct, but at least let Yuxiu rebuild confidence, "especially listening and speaking ability, you need targeted training." Perhaps the tone of Hao Xinming's voice was too positive, and Yuxiu looked at him very seriously, his face full of unconsciousness. However, in fact, he doesn't know how to train his listening and speaking ability at all. Hao Xinming pretended to be calm and asked, "Did your teacher give any good advice?"? About learning. The teacher said that a foreign language is a language, and you need to listen and speak more to learn it. But who am I going to hear about it? This is Yuxiu's most confused point, if it is other students,gold shaking table, they will naturally go to their classmates to practice, and bold people will go to the English corner in the park, or even go directly to the street to find foreigners to train their dialogue ability. Can Yuxiu do it? It's obviously impossible. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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