Breakthrough Crash Story Rescue Plan

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After a month of terrible sashimi night snacks, Yu Hengzhou finally did not have to taste the fishy meat after returning home late at night. Gu Yang even went against the normal practice of ordering takeout and cooked dinner for Yu Hengzhou every day according to the recipes selected by the housekeeper system. That night, it was beef curry and carrot braised rice, a kind of antique earth dish. Many years ago, the great migration in the universe did not allow human beings to retain any animals and plants on the earth, so after the "food revival", various chefs produced ancient earth dishes based on the retained information, which were replaced by some ingredients with similar colors and tastes. The "beef" in this stew is actually one of the animals raised for food in the stars. It has no fur, but a hard carapace. The snow-white meat inside the shell is very strong and easy to marinate. Therefore, in order to be closer to the beef visually, it will be sliced and marinated with a special dark sauce. The carrot, of course, is not the carrot on Earth, but the fruit of a plant most similar to the carrot in the stars, but the color is brighter and the taste is waxy, which is very compatible with the stewed curry rice. Yu Hengzhou maintained standard table manners and took his time eating curry rice, while Gu Yang sat opposite him, sipping silver coral cream soup from a bowl. According to her words, although she had eaten dinner,endless pool swim spa, it was impossible for her to watch others eat, so Gu Yang always made a night snack for herself besides Yu Hengzhou's dinner, sometimes a snack, sometimes a thick soup. Yu Hengzhou swallowed a mouthful of rice mixed with curry, looked up and saw Gu Yang's mouth stained with milky white soup, which she licked off half with the tip of her tongue, leaving a little white sporadically. He lowered his eyes quietly, inserted the spoon into a soft and glutinous "carrot",outdoor endless pool, then raised his eyes again and said, "There is still soup on the side of his mouth." Gu Yang was so distracted that his soul flew out of the sky. "Huh?" He heard. With a cry, his gray-blue eyes looked at him a little blankly. At this moment, Mr. Major General's heart is struggling violently. Enthusiastic netizens on the forum recommended the classic content of "Overbearing General Falling in Love with Me" and "Mr. President's Billions of Little Mermaids" in their minds. Gu Yang blinked his eyes and asked, "What did you just say?" The red lips opened and closed. Yu Hengzhou put the spoon in his hand properly, then cleaned his fingers, stood up under Gu Yang's gaze, and wiped the soup from her mouth with his finger pulp. Mr. Major General stared at a little white on his finger, seriously thinking about whether to hold it in his mouth and then smiled at Gu Yang's evil charm. Even though he didn't know how to smile with an evil smile. Yu Hengzhou's movements paused for about ten seconds. Ten seconds later, Gu Yang, who vaguely understood his intentions, pulled out a piece of paper with lightning speed and wiped the soup off his hand. She smiled into someone's deep eyes, "Thank you, jacuzzi bath spa ,5 person hot tub, Zhouzhou." There is no such situation in the reference case, Yu Hengzhou thought. So with a hum, he picked up the spoon and continued to eat a mouthful of curry stewed rice, changing the phrase "so sweet" that he did not know whether he should say it to "the rice is very delicious." "It seems that I am still very talented in cooking," Gu Yang wrapped her fingers around her hair, her red nails looming in her hair. She took a look at her bottomless bowl and asked kindly, "Do you want some soup? Made of newly arrived silver coral. It's a metaphor for a meal in a boat. "No." In order not to disappoint his wife, he explained flatly, "That's enough." He began to congratulate himself that he had not put his ideas into action just now. All right, "Gu Yang picked up the bowl," then I'll drink it myself. " Gu Yang filled the rest of the cream soup, stirred it slowly with a spoon, and chatted, "I think I'm going to be fat if I eat four meals like this every day." "No," Yu Hengzhou's expressionless face looked particularly convincing. "You're doing a good job." Gu Yang looked at him with a shy and timid smile and opened the light brain in her hand. "How can you say.." Before she had finished speaking, her face suddenly changed and all the smiles on her lips fell down.
Yu Hengzhou's face was even more solemn. "What's the matter?" Gu Yang raised his eyes in disbelief and looked sad, "I'm so fat.." Yu Hengzhou looked at her a little and felt that her size was within the standard range of mermaids. He hesitated and said, "It doesn't matter..". You look good even if you are fat. 。” "You think I'm fat, too?!" Gu Yang's expression is more ugly, the tone of voice can not help but raise, only to hear a "bang", the top of the sideboard a row of wine glasses all broken, clattered to the ground, the housekeeper system immediately opened the automatic cleaning. Yu Hengzhou also knew that he might have said something wrong, but he was not good at words and worried about adding insult to injury, so he forcibly changed the topic, "The soup is going to be cold." Hearing this, Gu Yang did not care about being unhappy. He tried the temperature with his hand and breathed a sigh of relief. "It's all right. It's warm." Then he drank the rest of the cream soup happily. After drinking, she licked the soup around her mouth and said with a straight face, "Zhouzhou, I can't have dinner with you in the future." Yu Hengzhou frowned slightly. "Why?" Mermaid justifiably, "I can't be fat any more, no matter how fat I am, I can't wear good-looking clothes, and the mermaid car can't carry me, just because I've had supper these months." Yu Hengzhou Major General Yu, after tasting the cooking skills of his new wife for three months, was mercilessly deprived of the right to go home late at night for dinner, and could only eat in the public canteen at the military headquarters on time. From luxury to frugality, although Miranda's craftsmanship is not very good, but perhaps because of the "taste of home" addition, Yu Hengzhou always feels that it is much better than the so-called Capital Star Red Canteen. However, in order to stick to the consideration as a husband, Yu Hengzhou can only stay in the military canteen miserably,endless pool factory, and occasionally when there is not much business, he can go home early and enjoy dinner with Gu Yang. After half a year of such a day, Yu Hengzhou was finally able to get out of the complicated work and make up for the honeymoon trip that had been put on hold because of his busy affairs. monalisa.com


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