Bucky eats you in one mouthful -- a mouthful of time

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"I gave her a chance to see the needle." Fu Wenge sighed and dragged the two of them. "Well, don't be angry. Let's go. It's still early now. Please go out for breakfast." The three of them had breakfast at the KFC outside the school and then took the school bus to the affiliated hospital of a University. When Fu Wenge was changing his white coat, Su Yu called. She picked it up and said, "What's wrong with Su Da Meiren?" Probably because of a cold, her voice was a little hoarse. Su Yu on the other end of the phone asked, "Did you catch a cold?" According to the usual experience, this fellow must force her to take medicine if he knows she has a cold. "No," said Fu Wenge subconsciously. She added, "I just got up too early, and I'm still a little sleepy, and my voice is not Pure Brightness." "Have you had breakfast?" Usually two people are to eat breakfast together, because of the internship, the point out of the canteen has not yet opened, Fu Wenge did not want him to get up very early, told his roommate has made an appointment with her. But he didn't want to call so early. Yes,stainless steel tile trim, I ate with Chen Fengyu Keyuan at KFC. "Uh-huh.". When does the probation end? "Eleven o'clock." "Good." "Good what?"? You're not coming to pick me up, are you? Fu Wenge buckled the buttons of his white coat: "No, I came back by school bus after my probation. Hello?" Before she had finished speaking, there was a beep on the other end of the phone. In the boys' dormitory. After Su Yu hung up the phone: "Help me ask for leave later." Liu Runqi brushed his teeth and came out of the washroom with a lisp: "What?"? Well, you're going to see your sister-in-law again? Wu Ziyu,metal trim manufacturers, who listened to him finish the whole phone call, replied, "The eldest brother has started to be a housekeeper before he gets married." Liu Runqi wondered: "What housekeeper?" Wu Ziyu: "My sister-in-law seems to have caught a cold. She is on probation in the hospital. The eldest brother is going to find her." One side of Fu Menggang some strange to ask: "Sister-in-law in the hospital internship caught a cold just to see ah, the eldest brother does not rush to class to do?" "Who knows?" Wu Ziyu smiled wretchedly and said, "I guess I'm going to cure my sister-in-law with a kiss of love." Su Yu ignored their teasing, opened the drawer and turned over a few cold medicines, packed them in bags and went out. As soon as the door closed, Fu Menggang came to the side of the two men: "The eldest brother lives a very delicate life. As a man, there are even 999 cold granules in the drawer." "What is this?" Liu Runqi shrugged his shoulders and pointed to the drawer below the one Su Yu had just opened. "Last time I accidentally saw him open that drawer.". I glanced at it, and there was a small bag of sissy toilet paper, sanitary napkins, aluminum tile trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, warm baby, brown sugar and so on. Did I say something? Had it not been for a sister-in-law, I would have suspected that the eldest brother had gone to Thailand on vacation. Fu Menggang: "This.." Liu Runqi: So, you must respect your sister-in-law when you see her in the future. What a lonely man like the boss has become. Wu Ziyu: "My sister-in-law is awesome." The author has something to say: Well, I know, you must want to scold Zhu Xiao. In fact, her appearance is to let Fu Jianqiang and Su Da beauty live together. That's the effect. If there is anything else, it is a comparison. Look at the difference between Sumerians and other women and little songs. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Selina Vier Canacs 11 bottles; Chapter 44 The teaching assistant divided the students in the class into four groups for probation. Fu Wenge was assigned to the brain surgery department. She was in a daze, and Chen Feng or Yu Keyuan walked all the way, but none of the three were in the same group. When they parted, Chen Feng asked worriedly, "Are you all right?" "No problem, just a little dizzy. Don't make a fuss." Fu Wenge waved his hand. After the three of them separated, Fu Wenge followed the army to the 14th floor of the inpatient department. After the assistant took them to the door of the office, a teacher in a white coat and a mask came out: "Come in first.". Dr. Hu is still making rounds. You may have to wait for a while. The voice sounds very young.
Fu Wenge stared at his peach blossom eyes for a while, always feeling very familiar, and can not remember where to see, followed the class into the office. But I heard the two students behind me discussing. Is this Zhou Shiwen of our medical department? "The photos seen in Tieba are not very clear. He can't see it with a mask, can he?" I think it should be. Wearing a mask can not hide good-looking, and that pair of eyes is the rumor of Zhou Xuechang's eyes ah. "When you say that, I feel like senior Zhou." “······” Hearing his name faintly, Zhou Shiwen looked at the two girls standing at the back, but inadvertently caught a glimpse of Fu Wenge. As if he had thought of something interesting, his exposed eyes narrowed as if he were laughing. After a while, Hu Peiwen went back to the office. Looking at several students in the office, Hu Peiwen seemed to have just remembered something to teach and patted his head: "You have already come. Well, there are still two wards that have not been checked. Since you have come, you can go with me to make rounds." Hu Peiwen said and left on his own. The students in the office followed him out. Fu Wenge was dizzy and didn't want to squeeze with them, so he fell to the end. What's the matter, little girl? Shoulder was patted, Fu Wenge turned around and saw that the person who had just been talked about by his classmates might be Zhou Xuechang. The end of the man's eyes is slightly outlined, looking like a goblin, and the sense of familiarity is getting stronger and stronger. Fu Wenge shook his head. "Nothing." "Why don't you know me?" Seeing that she was suddenly accosted and somewhat confused, Zhou Shiwen pulled open one side of the mask and immediately showed his whole face. Looking at his face,stainless steel tile edge trim, Wen Ge raised his eyebrows. Zhou Shiwen's tone was condemnatory, but there was a smile on his face: "Ungrateful, it was not long ago that he praised me for being good-looking." Words that are not flat and familiar. This person.. is not the person who brought out Su Yu's animal character in the last sentence.. jecatrims.com


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