The original doppelganger

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Suddenly there was a sneer in the sky: "Orcs don't run wild!" Fang Xumo took advantage of the void and entered. He had learned the magic skill of Tyrannosaurus Rex and turned it into the magic palm of Maoshan Mountain. He swept it at a high speed and hit Qian Yinghao fiercely on his left flank. The trumpet made a violent noise, which made the opponent stuffy and bloodshot, and he fell back again and again. Liu Tong and Guo Zongfa seized the opportunity to attack again, banging and banging. Qian Yinghao took three more steps back, and his evil nature became stronger. He roared furiously: "You all deserve to die." The lightning magic finger and the Yin and Yang palm burst open at the same time. After nearly a hundred years of cultivation, he gave vent to his strong skills. It was like the collapse of the sky and the flash floods, which made all the people present retreat again and again. Liu Tong, who was weak in martial arts, also vomited blood and crashed into the wall. He almost fainted. Qian Yinghao still wanted to fight again, but he was so angry that the circulation of blood and gas was more urgent, and the toxic attack on his face was faster. For a time, the pain was unbearable, and he cried out: "My face is ruined!" He reached out and stroked it, and the swelling appeared immediately, and he was frightened out of his wits. But when Jin Miaolian saw that Sheng Gong had been attacked, she had no intention of fighting again. She pulled away and said hurriedly, "Are you wounded, Sheng Gong?" Vaguely remember the symptoms of this injury. "Ask him for the antidote," Qian Yinghao shouted. "The holy aunt knows how to solve the problem," said Jin Miaolian. "Go!" Said Qian Yinghao. How dare he fight again when he was poisoned? He grabbed Jin Miaolian and both of them fled naked. Seeing this, Liu Daozhen shouted, "Xiaolian, don't go with him!" Although the injury is not light. Still chase to plunder, a grudge, fear of a lifetime entangled. Fang Xumo's secret way is very dangerous, Qian Yinghao's last full blow,steatite c221, unexpectedly can hurt himself, it can be seen that his skill is really good, fortunately played a trick, and Liu Daozhen poison Mang to help, otherwise tonight's defeat is Maoshan faction. Fortunately, Zhong had already directed Guo Zongfa to rescue Liu Tong, but he paid his respects to Su Yunfei in an elegant manner and said, "Madam, you may have been injured. Forgive me for coming down late." Although he had been secretly in love with Qin Xiaoyi for a long time, he often thought about Abbess Leng Yan Lianhua,alumina c799, but he had always been in the Lotus Nunnery and had rarely seen her for more than ten years. Today, when he looked at her, she looked even whiter and younger than Ao Lian, and his admiration arose spontaneously. It was a pity that he was so short that he could only stand up to Suyunfei's nose, and he was so proud that Suyunfei could hardly have a good impression on him. In particular, the phrase "Madam" made Suyunfei very angry. "I'm not married," he scolded. "What's the ghost's name?" Did not take a look, waved to the horizontal and vertical Dao Ni: "Leave!" " The body swept away and flew away. Heng Dao Ni looked at Fang Xumo and said with a smile, "Master Fang has flattered the horse's leg. If I were you, I would be your wife reluctantly!"! How? Waiting for you to marry at any time! This language is mostly a joke, and then flashed away. Fang Xumo was the most narrow-minded. He was hurt by the two girls and lost face. He snorted coldly, "Don't you think you have golden branches and jade leaves?" This remark is directed at what Su Yunfei said. He swore to himself that if he had a chance, he would get justice. As for Heng Shu Dao Ni, he disdained to associate with his Buddhist and Taoist sister. One day he sent someone to teach her a lesson. He turned to Liu Tong and said, "What are you doing? Twice in three days, you were defeated in one move. You almost lost face in Maoshan!" Liu Tong mourned bitterly and said, "The opponent is a top character. Even Elder Guo was injured. How can I blame the disciple?" Kuo Tsung-fa said, "Zen Master Miaofo is really great. His subordinates have done their best." "Next time, cordierite c520 ,10g Ozone Generator," said Fang Xumu, "the Maoshan Sect will grow stronger and unify the whole country sooner or later." Guo Zongfa and Liu Tong should be. "Go back to recuperate," said Fang Xumo. The two men saluted and left. Fang Xumo went to the woodshed and picked up Jin Miaolian's dress. He had already had an idea of lust. He laughed in an evil voice and said, "This sorceress has nothing to say about her figure. One day I'll clean up this old demon, Miaofo, and sooner or later I'll take her over!" Smell and clothes, body fragrance secretion, the whole body for it trembling comfortable, then turned to Qin Xiaoyi, Su Yunfei, eventually swept away. Qian Yinghao's face was poisoned, and he was unable to fight again, and he did not dare to hide back to "Zunyuxuan" to avoid being searched. He tried his best to flee to the north, trying to hide from the enemy. He fled for more than twenty miles, but eventually fainted because of the toxic attack. Fortunately, Jin Miaolian was by her side, so she picked up Shenggong and went to hide in the mountains to find the antidote. Although two people run naked, fortunately in the middle of the night, did not cause a commotion, so hide is very smooth. Although Liu Daozhen chase fast, but he was injured in the body, and Qian Yinghao in the desperate, the speed is extremely fast, sweep line more than ten miles, already used to take off, Liu Daozhen eventually can not chase, can only run around.
After that, Lotus Abbess Suyunfei was affected. When she discovered her mistake, she wanted to turn around and chase again. It was already dark, but she didn't know where the enemy was, so she had to give up. She secretly denounced Qian Yinghao for his good luck and began to return to the capital of Bian with Hengshudaoni, waiting for the opportunity. Jin Miaolian was relieved to take Qian Yinghao to the secret cave of the nameless mountain peak. She first pressed the acupoint to stop the toxic attack, then found out the location of the "spiral needle" and drew it out one by one, so that the blood would not drip. Qian Yinghao suddenly fainted, which was related to excessive blood loss. Jin Miaolian could not help denouncing the hidden weapon as extremely despicable. At this time, Qian Yinghao's face was swollen like a balloon, and Jin Miaolian could hardly recognize it, but the body of the holy male beast could not be mistaken. Still use the internal strength to slowly warm the acupoints for him. Wait until dawn, immediately go to the mountain forest to collect herbs, until noon to return, mash a large pile of herbs, squeeze out the juice, let them take it, and apply the dregs to the face. The poison was originally prepared by her, but at this time she prescribed the right medicine, and the bruise contracted very quickly. Jin Miaolian sat on the ground, thinking about how she knew the secret recipe of the antidote. Could it be that she had an unusual relationship with Liu Daozhen? Especially that "Xiaomiaomiao" intimate childhood name, called very familiar, he is really his former man? However, thinking of his status as a holy aunt, he blushed with embarrassment and kept saying, "How can you be cranky? It's mostly the other side shouting. The antidote should be what he learned before, and it has nothing to do with him!" In the constant struggle of his soul, Qian Yinghao woke up quietly. Jin Miaolian exulted, "You're all right, Shenggong. Quickly exercise to heal your wounds. Shenggu will cook a meal to serve you." Slip away quickly. Qian Yinghao sat up in a daze. The dregs of the medicine on his face fell to the ground. He grabbed it and sniffed it. It was so fishy and hot that he hated to throw it away. He thought about the poisoning and hated it: "That Liu Daozhen, when you see him one day,Alumina Ceramic C795, break his neck!" He still felt numbness and pain in his face and began to cure the wound and poison. Three weeks later, Jin Miaolian came in with a grilled sweet fish and offered it to the saint to eat three of them. She ate it to another smaller one, and really served the saint in every possible way. global-ceramics.com


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