Xi Juan kisses your heart.

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The bandage on his hand has not been removed yet, and I can't imagine how strong he is! Look at his playboy appearance, fair complexion (because of maternal skin color), should belong to the fragile type is, even eat a meal to others to feed it, how can there be so much power? His palms are not soft, they are rough and strong, and they have calluses. For the first time in his life, Yang Xian deeply realized the difference between men and women, which suddenly triggered another strange feeling of shyness and uneasiness. It's not right for him to hold it like this! She struggled slightly and said, "Let go of me!"! What are you talking about? When Joseph Zhou saw that she was upset, he was even more angry. What was it if it wasn't a guilty conscience? But he hated the feeling of powerlessness in his heart. He held it more firmly and refused to let go. With force, Sian's whole body leaned toward him, and Joseph Zhou went up to meet him, and with force, he deeply imprinted his lips on her rose-colored, natural lips. Sian was so frightened that he opened his eyes wide and turned a blind eye. Jesus Christ! What is this? What is he doing? It's not a kiss, is it? It looks as if it is. His warm lips were sucking her lips tightly. She could have refused his kiss, after all,30ml Dropper Bottle, he had only grasped her hands; but she happened to be very curious. Lip-to-lip kissing, to tell you the truth, she used to think it was very disgusting to have a heart attack! It is not known how many bacteria breed here. But why are there always so many such pictures in the love scenes on TV? She had asked Xiping, but Xiping said that this kind of thing could only be sensed but not expressed in words, and she would know later. Now that she had experienced it herself, she didn't seem to notice anything, but her body temperature seemed to rise a lot,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, at least her face was hot and so on! What is he doing? Why is he sticking out his tongue? Frightened back to her senses, she moved her head back, pulled out the distance between them, and saw that Joseph Zhou's face was not satisfied with the surging tide of love in his eyes. About five seconds before and after. But Joseph Zhou felt that it was only half a second, and he was greatly frustrated! In the past, other girls always collapsed in his arms after kissing and almost fainted; on the contrary, he, because he often kissed a large number of girls, had no special feelings. Just now he had no time to pay attention to how Sian reacted, because after touching her lips, he was immediately absorbed in it, completely selfless and unable to extricate himself. She pulled away suddenly, which made him feel very disappointed. Hey! Yang Xian, you little woman, Amber Dropper Bottles ,glass cream jars, do you have to be so different? This will make him want to look forward to every surprise with her and watch her reaction. Joseph Chow, admit it. You're done. After years of lingering in the flowers, you never really pay, disliked the roses, disliked the orchids, disliked east and west, and finally planted on the body of this mediocre little woman, this favor that others want, that is, some people do not understand the amorous feelings and may also disdain. But this person has seduced his wholehearted attachment vision, why? You.. Why are you kissing me? She accused him with her eyes. I'm after you, Yang Xian. It sounded like a declaration of war against himself. So what if it's not beautiful? So what if it's mediocre? It is useless that the fairy beauty can not arouse his interest at present. He admitted, he did not dare to think that the conditions are excellent, that others should be grateful for his favor, Yang Xian at least can not have this mentality, she will not eat any of his set. Even though I felt very weak in my heart, I was still determined to catch up with her. What about after catching up? We'll see! He doesn't really want to marry this weirdo! You want to chase me? How to chase? Pursuit was a one-sided act, and she could not interfere; but she was tired of giving flowers and candy, and had been made suspicious of love by such things before. I hope he doesn't do that. You can't ask this. You just have to cooperate with me! And you can't fall in love with Sway. He has a domineering tone. Why would I fall in love with Sway? He's my brother-in-law. What sordid things are on your mind? She pulled back her hand. Ran once affirmed that there was something wrong with his mind and that he was an idiot. You misled me and dared to say so. He heaved a sigh of relief, and all his anger disappeared. His whole body was much more comfortable and peaceful, and he had an appetite to eat. Then he felt hungry. It is never too late to mend. At this moment he had the leisure to show the best lover's demeanor he deserved.
Although he had always thrown Sian aside when he saw her, now that he was going to pursue her, he naturally wanted to show his best side, at least let her look at him like an idiot again. The two of them were very happy with the meal, because there was no war on the western front, and Sian did not show any boredom. Because he was in such a good mood, he forgot to recall some things that were good for him. Sian has a favorite man, and she remembers only two men; sure it's not Sway, two minus one, then Joseph Zhou is the natural choice. It is a pity that he forgot to reflect on this point, otherwise he would have been happy; and because he did not understand this point, he was jealous and disgraced in his behavior in the days to come! Make everyone laugh. It can only be said that emotions will definitely turn a genius with an IQ of 18 into a big idiot with a negative IQ of 181. It happened very quickly. ※ ※ ※ Since Joseph Zhou officially expressed his intention to pursue Yang Xian, he has taken up all the time of Yang Xian's vacation. He procrastinated on the pretext that his injuries were not healed, and turned off the pager and mobile phone so that the idle people could not find him. For those who came to the door, he began to wonder how he could have been complacent about that kind of fatigue bombing before? They will only be jealous of each other at most. The more we get along with each other, the more panic we feel. He thought that this would be the same as before, and that as soon as the novelty subsided, he would feel bored and could wave goodbye to each other, but it was not the case. Yang Xian is very different from the girls he dated in the past. Yes, she spoke without polish, offended easily, and often made him angry; but that was what made her attractive. When you are with her, you don't have to pretend to be a perfect gentleman,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, you don't have to design your own smile to be the most charming, and you don't need to care about the coolest and most handsome face from that angle, so it's easy and natural to get along with her. penghuangbottle.com


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