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Master Worm pondered and said, "Ning Feng's challenge is not too late or too early. It's very strange. I'm afraid there's a trick in it.". But the ghost was frightened and no longer appeared, and Ning Yifeng never mentioned the General's Office, which made me have a very bad guess.. He took another long breath, looked grave, and continued in a low voice, "Perhaps the capture of Tianbao and the three factions of the capital have joined hands, the purpose is to deal with you and me." Lin Qing is also full of doubts, frowning and silent. Master Worm patted Lin Qing on the shoulder and said, "I'll go back to the cabin first and try to relieve the child's acupoints. Think about it carefully.". At present, the situation seems ordinary, but there are many dangers in it, and one wrong step may lead to disaster. Lin Qing, independent of the bow of the boat, looked at the endless flow of the river, and his thoughts rose and fell. The wind of the river blew the corner of his clothes, and also confused the myriad things that could not be sorted out. Only then did he seriously think about Ning Yifeng for the first time. Originally thought that he was just a master who captured Tianbao, but later felt that this person was not simple, and sent Xiao Xian this "challenge letter" was even more unexpected. Lin Qing suddenly had a feeling in his heart: compared with Judge Long,hot tub manufacturers, perhaps Ning Feng, who was known as "disease comes from the mouth, and disaster comes from the hand," was a real opponent. A few hours later, when it was time for dinner, Master Worm still did not come out of the cabin. Hua Xiang Rong and Shui Rou Qing were surprised, but Ning Yifeng's "letter of challenge" was so difficult to understand. Lin Qing seemed to be completely unimpeded,best whirlpool tub, talking and laughing happily. Hua Xiang couldn't bear to ask Lin Qing, "What should we do if we don't declare our alliance with Tianbao, but meet with Prince Tai and the prince tomorrow?" Lin Qing is also thinking about this problem: "It is very clever to capture Tianbao. Not only is it beyond my expectation, but the people in the capital will also be caught off guard." He mused, "Now that Guan Mingyue has informed me, I can't stand by and do nothing, but it's very difficult to decide how to intervene in this matter.". If we intervene, I'm afraid that even the three factions in the capital will make enemies of us. "I don't understand one thing." Hua Xiangrong slowly sipped a cup of tea and slowly expressed her doubts. "It should not be that we will stop their alliance with Prince Tai, as long as it does not arouse our suspicion, we can act in secret.". But why did Ning Yifeng challenge Big Brother Lin at this critical juncture? Lin Qing was slightly stupefied. It is reasonable to say that Ning Yifeng was busy dealing with the three factions in the capital at this time, and had no time to pay attention to the king of hidden weapons, and never wanted to intervene in it. But the action of the challenge letter is really hard to guess the intention, unless Ning Feng is ignorant and ignorant of his strong temper, whirlpool hot tub ,4 person jacuzzi, naively thinking that a challenge letter will make him retreat in the face of difficulties. Otherwise, that is, Ning Feng intends to bring the two masters, the King of Hidden Weapons and the Master of Insects, into this matter. Shui Rou Qing also looked suspicious: "Sister Rong said this, I also have some doubts: I seem to be afraid that we have no reason to provoke them.." Master Worm's voice came from outside the door: "Yes, Ning Feng is deliberately making us suspicious.". The more I think about it, the more wrong it is. Tomorrow's meeting at the Trapped Dragon Villa is very likely to be a trap for us, which we must guard against. Of course, let's not forget that there is a ghost lurking in the side who is frightened. The three people inside the door saw Master Worm with a tired look on his face, and Xiao Xian was not with him. They looked at each other, wondering if he had lifted the ban on Xiao Xian. Lin Qing said, "I can't think of any reason to capture Tianbao to deal with us, unless it's an alliance with the General's Office.". But if so, it is obvious to offend Prince Tai and the prince, how unwise? Hua Xiangrong also nodded: "Everyone knows about the alliance. If I were the Dragon Judge, I would offend the other two by forming an alliance with either side in this case. It would be better to remain neutral." When Lin Qing heard Hua Xiangrong say this, he raised his eyebrows and seemed to think of something crucial: "I see. If Judge Long wants to remain neutral, but at the same time he can show goodwill to the three factions in the capital, there is only one way.." "What can I do?" Asked Shui Rouqing. Suddenly wake up, and flowers want to look at each other, the heart can not help but feel a little cold-the simplest way of nature is to kill the hidden weapon king and insect master, not only show strength, but also let the three factions of the capital are satisfied. Master Worm glanced meaningfully at Lin Qing. "Is the information about the King of Wonderful Hands credible?" Lin Qing hesitated and did not know how to answer for a moment.
With the strength of the Tianbao, if you want to kill the two great masters, the King of Hidden Weapons and the Master of Insects, you may not have a chance to win. But if Guan Mingyue intends to give him such information to lead him into the hub, that is, the three factions in the capital will join hands with the Tianbao to kill them. Under the great disparity in strength, once the mid-volt, there is almost no vitality. Master Worm sighed, "I've spent the whole afternoon but I can't untie the child's acupoint. Why don't we go to the Dragon Villa tomorrow? It's a sign of weakness, but we can also wait and see each other's reaction." Hua Xiangrong looked in surprise and said, "Does Ning Yifeng really have such great ability?" "It's not impossible." Master Worm said, "But this child's body is not weak, but the strength of the meridians can never be compared with that of a person who has learned excellent martial arts for a long time. It is very risky to force the acupoints to be released. If we can first use drugs to consolidate the foundation and cultivate the original, and then slowly alleviate it, it should be feasible. But in this way, the performer will be greatly damaged.." Hua Xiangrong sighed, "Ning Yifeng is too scheming.". Since he was willing to spend so much effort on a child, it was clear that Big Brother Lin and Master Worm would not ignore it. But if you save the child first, it will be even more difficult to resist the killing of the Tianbao. "Why don't we leave Fuling City at once,jacuzzi manufacturers," said Shui Rouqing. "We don't care who he will form an alliance with. Find a quiet place to heal the little devil, and don't be afraid that they will come to trouble us. Hua Xiangrong shook her head secretly. She didn't understand the world as soft as water. If Lin Qing and Master Worm left without a fight, it would certainly damage their reputation and make it difficult for them to look up in Jianghu. It's just that this idea is not easy to say. monalisa.com


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